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30+ Years Experience in Animal Health

Welcome to Can-Vet Animal Health Supplies Ltd. A family-run business since 1988, we’re proud to participate in the Canadian animal health industry and serve our loyal customers. Our products are made with quality materials, by great employees, and to the highest industry standards. Our portfolio consists of food-producing animal products, including insecticides, antibiotics, and supplements. We also manufacture a wide variety of small animal products including ear cleaners, medicated ear ointments, medicated shampoos, as well as topical flea & tick liquids and several nutritional supplements.

Bugwacker Aersols

Bugwacker Tall (Commercial Use)
Bugwacker 600 (Domestic Use)
Bugwacker 170 (Metered Dispensers)

Animal Health Products

Cal-Paste Plus
ASA Bolus
Wheat Germ Oil Blend
Mineral Oil

Contract Manufacturing

A Health Canada approved facility for manufacturing veterinary pharmaceuticals and supplements

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The facility at 61 Malcolm Rd. is licensed by Health Canada’s Drug Establishment Licensing Unit to fabricate, package, label and distribute veterinary pharmaceuticals. Our capabilities include liquid, suspension, powder and tablet (bolus) dosage forms in a variety of sizes.


A dedicated area of the facility allows for the production of insect control products ranging from micro-dose tubes to 205L drums, and a variety of pack sizes in between.


In addition to pharmaceutical manufacturing, we have expertise in formulating a wide range of supplements in liquid, powder, paste, suspension and tablet dosage forms.